**Latest Updates:  2024 Annual LHWPG Meeting
Scheduled June 8th at 10:00 am at the Kidder Township Firehouse; 

Water shield plants, non-indigenous, non-flower blooming invasive species, have become prominent, especially in the Cove.  A project is underway with Lake Harmony Group and LHWPG to remove the water shield plants.  Read update in Reports.**

LHWPG Partners Around the Lake
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Lake Harmony Group (LHG)


Since 2002, the Lake Harmony Group has owned the access roads that run from North and South Lake Drives, the access areas at the base of these roads, and the majority of the lake bed.

Lake Harmony Association (LHA)


Formed in 1929, the Lake Harmony Association (LHA) is a voluntary homeowners association for those homeowners with properties on and off of North and South Lake Drive (with the exception of owners of property solely within the private communities of Lake Harmony Estates and Split Rock). The purposes of the Association are to improve Lake Harmony, to further civic improvements at Lake Harmony, to promote cooperation among the property owners, and generally to provide for the mutual assistance, benefit and enjoyment of Lake Harmony property owners.

Lake Harmony Estates Property Owners Association (LHEPOA)

The Lake Harmony Estates Property Owners Association strives to ensure the well being of our community, provides oversight and management of all our assets, and cares for our resources. LHEPOA works in cooperation with the LHG in an equal partnership in care and stewardship of the greatest asset and resource, Lake Harmony. 

Split Rock Cottage Owners Association (SRCOA)


The Split Rock Cottage Owners Association is a social organization that serves the home owners within the Split Rock Resort. They strive to enrich the overall social experience for all home owners in the Split Rock community.

Kidder Township


In the Kidder Township Stormwater Concept Plan, Kidder Township identifies existing stormwater problems that are currently affecting the existing roads, culverts, bridges, and stormwater conveyance systems, as well as identifies areas where erosion and sediment enter the various lakes and streams throughout the Township.  This is a summary and provides recommendations for the rehabilitation, replacement or reconstruction of bridges, culverts, swales, storm sewers and roads.  The plan is available for anyone to view at the Kidder Township municipal office.

Kidder Township also references the LHWPG website and includes the Clean-Flo video held at the Kidder Township building in 2017.

Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers (POWR)


The Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers (POWR) is a non-profit organization with a mission to protect Pennsylvania's watersheds.  POWR operates through direct work and support of other organizations with similar missions across the state.


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