**Latest Updates: 2024 Annual LHWPG Meeting
Scheduled June 8th at 10:00 am at the Kidder Township Firehouse; 

Water shield plants, non-indigenous, non-flower blooming invasive species, have become prominent, especially in the Cove.  A project is underway with Lake Harmony Group and LHWPG to remove the water shield plants.  Read update in Reports.**



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Lake Harmony Summer Days 2023summerboats2023

Lake Harmony Summer Days 2023

Lake Harmony Summer Nights 2023


Lake Harmony Summer Nights 2023 but Always Christmas

U.S. Navy F-18s Practicing for the Pocono Raceway Airshow flying over Lake Harmony - 5/26/23
BlueAngels1 2023

U.S. Navy F-18s Practicing over Lake Harmony - 5/26/23 (Photo Credit: Vicki Mann)
BlueAngels2 023

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